Research & Development

Division of Empirical Research & Development Solutions. CIU envisions and conducts Research & Development in 36 Sectors as follows:

1)  Aerospace (Aviation)

CIU does not conduct research in aerospace, actually the term aerospace covers aeronautics as well. Our main focus is on the equipment to support aerospace ventures, whereby it is governed by aviation equipment. Our primary focus is limited to commercial aviation industry only. Generally, commercial aviation industry globally is controlled by two key players, mainly one each in North America and Western Europe. Our research in aviation is mainly in three aspects: 1. Speed; 2. Safety & 3. Fuel Economy/Alternative Fuel. The present speed at which an aircraft (mainly commercial aircraft) is flying is taking far too long to make a continent to continent voyage. Safety of passengers & crew is the utmost priority of the aviation industry as a whole. Here we are exploring & conducting research in indestructible technology. Maximum fuel economy/alternative fuel choices are already visible in this century.

2) Agriculture

Agriculture forms the key food supplement to humans, poultry & livestock. Without agriculture civilization will be at a standstill. CIU's primary research in agriculture is in plant & food sustainability. Sustainable harvesting of crops by capitalizing on latest technologies and processes is what CIU's research is all about in the agriculture sector. Secondary research is in poultry and livestock feed sustainable production.

3) Airline & Travel

Business or leisure travel is what airline & travel is all about. Both the airline as well as the travel sectors are extremely competitive sectors. Unlike the airline business which normally requires large amounts of capital investment and is governed by regulations, the travel business normally doesn't require large amounts of capital investment and is not much or heavily governed by regulations. CIU's research in airline & travel is primarily on speed, safety & comfort. Since this is a highly congested sector with many global players, we have opted for non-disclosure.

4) Automotive

Automotive is a sector where the customer gets the real feel of the product. Knowing this and the most important aspect apart from comfort which is fuel economy, CIU's research is primarily on safety, speed, comfort, controlled wear & tear and maintenance reduction. Cost efficiency can be justified based on the above mentioned criteria fulfilment. Secondary research is on next breed of automobiles which are totally safe and comfortable to travel. Since this is a sector with many players globally we do not wish to disclose any other details in this sector

5) Banking

Primarily banking is concerned with economics, fixed income, currencies, equities and commodities. Timely reports of all activities in all the above subject matter is the utmost important aspect of the banking sector. CIU does not conduct research in the above subject matters. CIU's primary research in banking sector is in technology to support real time access to information and data on all the above subject matters highlighted above. Banking is an intangible sector where its products are directly depend on market sentiments. Markets are very volatile and keeps changing in seconds. Although the current state of technology in banking sector is very high but financial turmoil continue to persist. Our aim is to refine technology to exclusivity to exhaust all avenues to prevent financial turmoil or mishaps in banking. As we cannot change the way of life but we can prevent turmoil by capitalizing on advanced process, methodologies using the right technology. Technology is not only the way to prevent mishaps in banking but also is a way how we want the banks to operate.

6) Biotechnology

CIU's primary research in biotechnology is in bio products enhancement through advanced bio processes discovery. Secondary research is concerned with micro biotechnology and nanobiotechnology processes and method standardization for bio products production. Biotechnology which came to the lime light last century is still in early stages of advancement process and methodological product production stages. However, as we know research in this sector has already advanced to very high stages and cost effectiveness has also been achieved by this sector. Key players in biotechnology have already discovered many promising and advanced bio products to supplement existing products. Many bio products have also replaced traditional products which are less healthy and costly. New products will continue to flourish the market to replace existing products when further health and cost effectiveness is proven by biotechnology. This century will not only bring biotechnology to yield bio products that are health and cost effective but also that can prolong humanity to live longer and disease free.

7) Building Materials

CIU's research in building materials primary scope is to ensure durability and ability to withstand natural disasters. Building materials form the essence of the construction sector. Cost effective production with compliance to established standards and regulations are the primary concern of authorities since buildings are places which house humans. Safety of humans is not only the responsibility of building contractors who build in compliance to established regulations but also the responsibility of the building materials producer whose materials give form to the structure of the building. Design failures can be detected at the drawing board level but material failures can only be detected after subjecting materials to the relevant tests. Many tests are carried out by the professionals and authorities before certifying building materials as fit to be used for construction; however flaws of the producer and the contractors' greed do at times cause many mishaps which can lead to major disasters.

8) Chemicals

Chemicals form the core of human existence. This whole universe is in fact a chemical structure. The human body is a biochemical structure. All inputs (whatever we consume) and all outputs (whatever we discharge out) is chemical. Chemical forms the essence of all living and non-living entities. Thus, based on this understanding CIU harmonizes its research in chemicals production in a very cost-effective manner. Developing cost-effective production methodology for chemicals without neglecting quality and environmentally friendly chemicals forms our key endeavour in chemical research activities. New discoveries and innovation leading to better sectorial applicability to improve and increase yield of results in compliance to authority regulations are the criteria of our chemical research activities. Research and innovation in green chemicals is the prime subject of interest not only by authorities but members of the public as well, thus, our vision is to substitute all hazardous non-environmentally friendly chemical with green/environmentally friendly ones.

9) Communications

This century will change totally how mankind communicates with broadcast technology at almost its peak, ICT continues to accelerate at a very high speed, thus, making human communications to break the cultural and border barriers. CIU's research in communication is very technical and scientific in nature. Biochemical and biophysical communication activities of the brain/mind capturing and enabling device to recognize and present in the third parties' language is our nature of interest in communication research. To this nature of research our prime aim is to translate any language so that two parties can communicate only in their own languages yet the translation program affords a seamless communication between them as if they were communicating in one language. This is an extremely difficult undertaking but with full awareness of technology capability and application of the right methodology within this century this is possible. CIU currently is working with broadcast technology developers to identify automated language translation perception of society globally.

10) Construction

The construction industry has apparently made a 180-degree turn in modern times: today we have green technology, green building trends and eco-friendly construction trends. CIU's research in construction is mainly on green building and eco-friendly construction technology. Seismic/earthquake withstanding technology research is our secondary research. On the construction machinery, CIU is currently undertaking research on total construction automation technology capability. Machines and robots can replace cheap unskilled as well as skilled labor and manpower have to be lower and economical. There are many other benefits if the construction sector can be fully automated such as immigrant labour issues and safety as well as economic issues which can be eliminated. Once we successfully automate the construction sector fully than this same methodology and technology principles can be applied to other labour intensive sectors. As a result labours & skilled manpower individuals have to develop their human capital capability and join the human capital intensive job market. Currently many sectors are half to three quarters automated.

11) Consumer Products & Services

CIU's primary research in consumer products & services is in charge of taste and new preference research. Millions of businesses exist due to the individual's taste difference and affordability, and new businesses continue to flourish in the market because they are able to introduce new preferences at affordable prices. CIU's secondary parameter in consumer products & services is new trend introduction analysis & research. Many individuals are sceptical to accept a new trend due to mindsets and habits but when new taste and preference are matched this is no longer a hurdle to anyone. Our research at the lower segment of society reveals that education and cost/affordability is the greatest barrier. But the vast majority of the global population come from the lower segment of society, thus, it again depends on the type of consumer products or services which the producer is tailoring or catering for in general.

12) Defense

CIU's primary focus in defense research is threat sensing and suppression technology research. Security is the key essence for humanity to move and do whatever an individual wishes to do. Rogues continue to persist globally. Terrorists pose a major threat to harmonious people globally. Developed nations continue to develop sophisticated weapons and participate in the terror games globally. Rogue nations continue to pose a major threat to weaker nations. There seems to be no proper ideal or conscience due to an affluent way of life. Life goes on with a mixture of threats in affluent society. We realize all this and as a result our emphasis is primarily on sensing technology research. CIU's secondary research activity in defense is in advanced defense equipment development technology research. No one can change this world, life will continue to evolve and diminish with birth and death with the presence of threats continually. It is self-realization of individuals and nations which can minimize threat and encompass greater security as a whole.

13) Education

Education is the key to human capital development. Formal as well as informal education not only can change the lifestyle of an individual but also the standard of an individual's nation as well as can make changes to the lifestyle of the global community as a whole. CIU's primary scope in education research is both analysis as well as curriculum development research in the formal education setting. Our secondary scope is interdisciplinary programs/courses, trend analysis and research. Today and in the future education delivery methods both in the formal as well as in informal settings will be proportional to Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and other advanced methodologies and approaches. As we know today the role of technology in education not only has made education accessible to the whole global community but has also brought the education provider right to where you are. This is what is meant by technology in education

14) Energy & Environment

Energy forms the key essence to all human activities on earth. Without energy life cannot exist and we simply cannot move and live in a civilized manner. Likewise the environment we live plays the prime factor for continuity of human life on earth. CIU's primary research in energy envisages renewable energy source such as solar, wind and wave/tidal energy. Solar, wind and wave/tidal are non-depletable energy and continually can be renewed. Current technology in acquiring solar, wind and wave/tidal energy can be further refined and advanced to make energy available to the consumer and industries at much lower costs than the current costs of energy. Research in alternative energy sources are also CIU's current primary scope. With accelerated enhancement of energy-saving devices energy no longer needs to be wasted. Technology today and in the future will make energy non-depletable and its use highly efficient. Research towards advanced alternative energy sources are CIU's secondary scope in energy research. In the environment research area CIU's primary activity is in sustainable environment research. Apart from human activities the environment is also subject to normal as well as abnormal natural forces which are beyond man's control. This is the subject of CIU's secondary research scope.

15) Electronics & High Technology

Electronics & High Technology consistently changes very-very rapidly due to consistently changing technology, customer taste and preference. High Technology today is changing in seconds. Every second as the earth revolves humans are discovering a new method, a new technology, and a new product. Cannibalizing existing products is so rapid that majority of the consumers find it difficult to upgrade or change their existing product. In Electronics & High Technology sector CIU primarily does research on current technology capability and future technology capability including current trend analysis and future trend analysis. Secondary scope of CIU research is to discover current development capability and future development capability. CIU's research is to avoid industries from just introducing incremental changes gradually and cannibalizing their products within a short frame of time. High Technology products that sustain trend over a substantial period of time which appeals to consumers taste and preference is CIU's main theme here.

16) Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage forms the nucleus to humanity's existence & continuity on earth. Without food & beverage humanity cannot continue to survive and exist on earth. Food & Beverage forms the staple supplement of nutrients for human beings to nourish, survive and reproduce to form continuity in human existence, otherwise also known as life cycle continuity infinitely. Primary CIU focus in food & beverage research is to ensure correct amount of essential nutrients present. Secondary focus is to identify the impact on health caused by a particular food & beverage. Nutrients intake in excessive or lack of nutrients, either way is harmful for proper functioning of the human body. Thus, our emphasis it to regulate the required level of nutrients in food & beverage and disclose the health impact if the amount of nutrients in a particular food & beverage is lagging or leading. Controlled intake of food & beverage is always recommended to avoid serious health impact.

17) Forest Products

Forest mainly yields timber and medical plants. Timber is primarily used to build house hold furniture and other products in construction industry. Herbs provide key ingredients to produce drugs and other medical supplies. CIU's research in forest products is to maintain a sustainable forest product. Thus, primary focus is a sustainable supply of forest products. Secondary focus is to prevent forest fires and accelerate forest product growths. Technology can yield forest products faster and research can yield better quality products. Forest management using advanced technology can contribute to sustainable forest yields over time and regions. Resources such as forests are ever-lasting resources if managed scientifically with proper regulation and control. CIU's key focus is to increase forest yields and also increase the verity of forest products over time globally.

18) Freight & Logistics

Freight & logistics makes everyone of us receive what we want daily. Whatever we use or consume daily goes through the routine freight & logistics process. The three mediums which are ground, sea and air cover the full medium of freight & logistics. Our key emphasis is speed, safety and economy. With precise accurate estimation of arrival on the recipients' end, the recipients can anticipate greater economic value. This way business can anticipate the right return to their investment. On the higher level of freight & logistics we are currently researching advanced monitoring of intelligence parameters. With advanced monitoring parameters adversity can be avoided and alternative routes or methods can be subjected and undertaken. By this way lives can be saved and goods/freights need not be damaged.

19) Government & Public Sector

CIU's research in government & public sector is primarily on government policy analysis and research and civil services redundancy research. Secondary research is on public sector organizations performance & delivery enhancement with advanced technology.

20) Healthcare

Healthcare defines society's welfare. The quality of society depends proportionally to the nations' healthcare service. CIU's research in healthcare is primarily to improve operation quality and address all challenges faced with quality reform solutions. Secondary research addresses advanced healthcare records and information management services. New discoveries in medicine and support services continue to flourish in the market but this discovery takes time to reach developing countries, thus we coordinate with healthcare practitioners to disseminate these discoveries tentatively once it is approved by authorities for practice.

21) Industrial Equipment

Industries consume vast amounts of energy due to equipment that are not utilizing the latest state of the art of technology especially in lower-end. High-end industries normally capitalize on the latest state of the art technology. CIU's research in industrial equipment is geared towards attainment of energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources wherever it is possible primarily. To address this issue CIU constantly encourages new technology adoption methodologies for all new ventures as well as to existing ventures. Secondary research is to achieve superior performance, labour depletion, and safety and also to maintain environmentally friendly operations

22) Information Technology

Information technology is a very dynamic and fast advancing sector. CIU's primary scope is geared towards behavioural sensitivity software and hardware research. Secondary scope is geared towards brain/mind command sensitivity software and hardware research. Other issues which we are addressing includes, hacking, spying, piracy, plagiarism and virus.

23) Infrastructure & Transportation

Key issues in Infrastructure globally are mainly natural disasters. Seismic Impact and Design/Construction durability research is CIU's main research area on infrastructure. In transportation we mainly perform research in speed, safety and cost efficiency.

24) Insurance & Financial Services

The 2008 US Financial Crisis is mainly due to regulation failure and improper insight by the authorities. As a result we face a global slump. Some nations are good as an international police, but when it comes to their own domestic affairs they just override at others' cost. CIU's primary activity in insurance and financial services is regulation and risk research. Secondary is technology assisted forecasting and insightful prediction.

25) Life Sciences

All our life science activities are geared towards humanity only. We have narrowed life science to humanity since there are many areas in health of humans still requiring extensive research like cancer, etc. CIU's primary focus and research is towards improvement of human health and to prolong life span. Secondary, mainly we concentrate on nutritional research aspects.

26) Manufacturing

Whatever we desire needs to be produced or manufactured by putting together resources, labour and capital. To this avail CIU's primary research in manufacturing/production is geared towards advanced manufacturing/production technology capability. Secondary is hyper automated intelligent manufacturing methodologies research.

27) Marine

The supply side of marine products is consistently decreasing due to globally harvesting them without conscience. Some are gone forever, while others keep decreasing gradually. CIU's primary research is to advise nations to adopt advanced marine technology to sustain marine everlastingly and we do this by also conducting marine proliferation research. Secondary is marine socio-economic factors and cost efficient marine products production research.

28) Media & Entertainment

Today we rely more on the internet than the newspaper for news, etc. We are yet to know what else will come to change the way we lead life. The mediums of radio, television and the cinema are becoming less and less sources of entertainment; the internet is gradually substituting these. CIU's primary research in media and entertainment is technology trend and advancement assessment and disclosure to industry players.

29) Medical Equipment

Medical equipment and healthcare are intrinsically entwined. CIU's primary research is to identify and disclose to the various sector players advancement diagnostic technology to produce equipment and support health care sector. Clinical research support technology forms our secondary research concern.

30) Metals & Mining

Metals are extracted from the earth, thus industry performs mining to extract metals and other minerals from earth. As we know if a very large deposit of metals and minerals is deposited in point A than we extract it through vertical excavation and transport it to point XYZ, etc. CIU's discovery through theoretical concept deposits from point A can be transported to point XYZ, etc. and extracted in point XYZ, etc. This concept is based on horizontal intrusion from point A to XYZ, etc. This concept is still theoretical only, thus, our only research in metal and mining is devising methodology to make this practical and applicable.

31) Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a very advanced technology and not many may understand its applicability. CIU's primary research is to open up nanotechnologies applicability to wide range of sectors as possible generally.

32) Oil & Gas

Oil is extracted from the earth, thus industry performs this activity to extract oil and gas from earth. As we know if a very large deposit of oil and gas is deposited in point A than we extract it through vertically onshore and offshore and transport it to point XYZ, etc. CIU's discovery through theoretical concept deposits from point A can be transported to point XYZ, etc. and extracted in point XYZ, etc. This concept is based on horizontal intrusion from point A to XYZ, etc. This concept is still theoretical only, thus, our only research in oil and gas is devising methodology to make this practical and applicable.

33) Pharmaceutical

Alien diseases continue to strike humans and there seems to be no drugs to prescribe and recover from it. CIU's primary research in pharmaceutical is drugs development to remedy alien diseases. Secondary is application of advanced technology in drugs production methodology and packaging.

34) Retail

While this sector has undergone continuous transformation and today boasts infra-red price identification, automatic inventory control, computerized supplier tracking, remote notification of stock control, etc, it  still requires the human touch. But days are gone or fast changing where we see retail establishments not capitalizing on even basic technology like to cash register, automatic inventory control, automatic supplier tracking and notification of stock level, etc. CIU's only research in retail is geared towards assessment, applicability and cost justification to retail sector players advanced automated fully integrated retailing/shopping technology development.

35) Space Technology

NASA performs many key space activities but natural disasters still continue to happen on earth, like storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, etc. Why can’t we have an upper hand on natural disasters, why we are unable to know them in advance? This is the reason why CIU's primary concern and research in space technology is devoted to coming up with the right technology to have an upper hand in detecting natural disasters in advance and suppressing these disasters before they create misery to humans & physical resources. Secondary is in detecting accidents/incidents in advance.

36) Utilities

Utilities are essential services in the civilized world. We depend on utilities to perform our daily chores. Industries can’t move without utilities. CIU's primary research in utilities is geared towards wireless transmission and distribution of electrical power and centralized metering capability development. Drinking water quality improvement at cost effective level is our secondary scope.

NOTE: Current on-going Research activities can be viewed by clicking on the Sector subject; however, Confidential and Specific Research activities/reports can only be disclose/extended to assignee. Assignees can reach the Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Google Chrome Browser is Recommended.