Graduate Testimonials

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CIU Graduate Testimonials

I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management Program report and it has been very stimulating and motivating. ~ Robert Schlaich, Austria
I think this Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Program has benefited my career more. I've now got a much clearer idea about what it is all about. I also have a much greater understanding of the subject matter in general.~ Louis Lopez Foxton, South Africa
Another big aspect of learning was knowing how to deal with the different types of modules in the MBA Program. Overall, I've learned plenty from this program but the one thing that comes out the most is now having the confidence and ability to tackle a wide range of issues. ~ Shanmugasundram, Malaysia
Apart from being pleased for being employed by a reputable organization, I was also able to secure a senior position with my MBA. The experience and the confidence that I gained and built during the study of this program have further refined my managerial skills. This MBA is no ordinary MBA, it is an excellent MBA Program. ~ Rajiv Rakesh Dass, India
I am pleased to let you know that I have completed my thesis for the Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, this became possible through the encouragement and support I received from Columbus International University and your feedback. The past twelve months has brought tremendous changes in my lifestyle and has open a great new avenue of opportunities for my career advancement.~ Mohammed Saleh Mustafa, United Arab Emirates
Already I have changed my employment although I have only completed three quarter of my Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering Program. The knowledge that I am receiving is up to-date and has equipped me with the latest development and changes in the market place. ~ Andrew Kielnhofer, Greece
Many thanks to your valuable support and assistant on the course work, and I have submitted my thesis by email and hope to receive your remarks as soon as possible. Although I am yet to receive my Master of Science in Project Planning and Development Project Analysis Degree and other graduation documents, I have already attended several interviews and in the midst of changing my career. ~ Mary Jane Parker, Canada
You certainly pointed out the mistakes in my pre-report. I have to admit that all your criticism was constructive and justify. Although I have reached the final report of the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering I have no problems accepting your criticism. I am glad I have enrolled with the right university and I am receiving the right assistance. ~ Dina Kritoniene, Serbia & Montenegro
Since completing the dissertation for the PhD Program, I have started looking for teaching opportunities around the neighbor-hood and I found a few opportunities to teach undergraduate and graduate students. Your timely dispatching of the graduation documents which was within eight weeks has been a great help. This program has been stimulating and extraordinarily high in standard. ~ Khalid Mohamed, Pakistan
Most thought-provoking, and I immensely enjoyed the Doctor of Philosophy in Education Program. ~ Monica Dell Alvarez, Argentina
Many thanks for your contributions, suggestions, corrections, recommendations and encouragements. Remarkably the Bachelor of Art in Mass Communications Program is really a great deal of knowledge. ~ Monica Nabhan, Syria
Thanks for all the feedback you have given me over the past 12 months. I find it very valuable. I enjoyed the MBA Program, and find it especially beneficial in my current job as a Vice President. ~ James V. Campbell, Canada
I thoroughly enjoyed doing the thesis, thus, far and I trust as time unfolds my managerial skills will improve. The MBA has been a typical example of real life situations. ~ Veronica Asta Likenye, Ghana

Online Learning Higher Education

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online educationBringing the future of Online Learning Higher Education to you after a decade of extensive Research and Development

Columbus International University specializes in delivering 100% online higher education on a global basis tailored for the needs of working professionals, executives and mature students worldwide. Columbus developed a truly international online higher education program in most disciplines of studies.

 We have been conducting the traditional distance learning programs since 1997 and at the same time were conducting extensive research in online higher education programs for all levels of working professionals, executives and mature students worldwide. Today, in 2015, after one and a half decades of extensive research, we have developed 100% online higher education programs which are very practical in nature and we are extremely proud of the high levels of satisfaction expressed by the participating students worldwide and of their career achievements in their lives.

Our students are all mature students who are junior-level professionals and executives, middle-level professionals and executives and senior-level professionals and executives. Today we believe passionately in Online Higher Education and our new approach opens up new venues and opportunities for all levels of busy professionals and executives to further enhance their career and prosper in their life.

The core in all our programs is the belief that they should be practical and relevant to every mature student's needs. Our faculty and support staffs are dedicated to helping every student through every stage of their route in completing their programs of study successfully and graduating.In the 21st century, online higher education is the most intelligent way to earn your degree and to advance in your career and prosper in life.

Our belief: Prosperity begins with knowledge and proper knowledge comes from higher education. 

The most profitable way to invest your free time to acquire remarkable rewards, both financial and in terms of personal growth is to enroll for the Columbus International University online higher education campus degree programs.

Gone are the days where knowledge was merely power. As from now on knowledge will set the international standing of wealth of a nation. Why knowledge? One may say, we have ample land, natural resources, labor and capital to produce and meet the global economic requirements to sustain competitive advantage in any given region or to compete internationally without fear. The fear is already prominent with the oil barons who at one time totally claimed to be the wealthiest in the globe; just for the simple reason that the reality of a substitute for oil is getting closer and closer day by day.

Whatever one claims and challenges, we claim and challenge that knowledge is the greatest commodity and everlasting asset a nation or an individual can possess as from the 21st century and thereafter. We at Columbus started our research way back in 1997 and after conducting more than a decade of applied research in online higher education, we are prepared and invite interested parties or individuals to visit our website for a thorough preview. Please contact us immediately should you wish to have further details. Ciuohe campus are committed to Excellence in Online Higher Education through Research.

Life is for Joy

Many (Most) people do not know: What Life is all about?! The deepest secret is that "LIFE" is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. In the process of creating yourself, a new you, discover who you want to be. With this knowledge "LIFE" is an opportunity for you to know experientially what you already know "CONCEPTUALLY". Then you create a new and move on the creativity-cycle. Do not abandon your mind, the greatest tool of creativity. Make friends with your mind. You may even experience a regeneration of your "SOUL". Thus, justify your life and give it purposes, then within you, you will do more than succeed and be of value. You will notice this link "Life is for Joy" above, just click this link and go through it thoroughly very slowly (it's a very long link with more than 800 Slides as well as illustrations) you will find almost the whole content appealing as well as all the ideas presented to fulfill your creativity needs. Nature itself is a creative process so is life. Have a wonderful and joyous time rest of your life….

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus (ciuohecampus) is an independent entity altogether, it is not affiliated to any other Columbus International University which may be operating from any other parts of the world. The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus is a NON-ACCREDITED Low Cost/Low Tuition 100% Online Higher Education Provider/Institution advocating only 100% Quality Online Higher Education Programs/Courses predominantly to adults globally who didn’t complete their Higher Education due to various factors in their Life. As such all prospective adult candidates/students who wish to complete their Higher Education with the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus are kindly requested to go through our website thoroughly and understand our Concept and Outlook on Higher Education before proceeding further. 

What is so Good about Accredited Institutions-Discover the Truth below….

online MBA

Bill Gates told Harvard, "This is not what I want"….

Steve Jobs left Reed College because it was not his cup of tea….

Albert Einstein told himself, "I will do it on my own", and formed Olympia Academy….

Mohandas K. Gandhi (M. K. Gandhi) failed several times in University of London before completing Law and making the British Empire collapse….

Christopher Columbus told himself, "I will take the direction no one has ever taken", and discovered Americas….

None of the above five had a Standardized mind/brain….

Let it be Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge or even in the East University of Melbourne, all are accredited or are with royal charter but none ever can come close to Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus ( which is non-accredited because just one link “Life is for Joy” took us twenty years of search, research and to perfect (1995-2015) and finally completed this month December 30, 2015….

The United States boasts about being top in quality education but has failed to save many precious lives, such as the one of the late Steve Jobs (one of my many close friends whom I miss)….

But certainly the United States is good….simply because she does not believe in illusion and these two past Presidents has proved it: John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan (these two are certainly immortals) but I am sorry to say that the current US President (2015) is merely….a waste of time and resources….

Thank you.

Gary Gandhi (M. J. Gandhi)
John D. Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of Management
Columbus Graduate School of Business & Management
Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus

*Gary Gandhi's (M. J. Gandhi's) Complete Detailed Descriptive Track Record (Profile) can be Viewed in LinkedIn  

Questions & Answers

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Questions & Answers

1) What are the benefits of Online Higher Education Programs?

A significant benefit from many online higher education programs is flexibility. Online higher education programs enable students to take classes or work on a degree without sacrificing their job or family commitments. They also can benefit those who need timely training or would learn better without the rigid structure of a traditional university program.

2) Does the Online Higher Education Program affect the quality of my degree?

Our graduates continue to be the best validation of the effectiveness of our degree programs, rating their knowledge and skills superior of their peers who have a similar degree earned in a traditional setting. Many large corporations have accepted our degrees and provide financial support to our students. Employers, in particular, have been enthusiastic to learn that a degree program can be tailored to integrate the student's professional needs.

3) How good is the faculty and are the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus degrees respected around the world?

The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus was founded for the purpose of providing higher education online and granting degrees to students who meet its graduation requirements. Since then we have had thousands of graduates! CIU graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in business, industry, international organizations, United Nations and governments around the world! That is the best proof of respect and recognition of a Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus degree.

4) Can I complete the degree program 100% online?

Yes. You can complete a degree program, from the start to the finish, entirely online. At the online higher education campus, there is no need ever to set foot on a campus so long as you are able to meet the requirements for the courses that comprises the program of studies for your degree. An increasingly large number of students are completing their degree programs without ever travelling from their home country. Of course, a degree completed online is exactly the same as a degree completed through on-campus instruction, from the subject matter and assignment covered, to the wording on the degree scroll itself.

5) Will CIU accept relevant work experience and external courses/training as credit towards a degree or diploma program?

Yes. You can receive course credits towards your degree for a wide variety of life and work experience, including professional experience, trainings, seminars, workshops and forums. The Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus will evaluate all relevant experience and/or training and may award you credit toward your ultimate degree goal. The policy of the Columbus International University is to reward students for real-world experience, as that is of primary importance to employers at the turn of the 21st century. Thus, students may challenge any course for which they believe themselves to have sufficient work experience with the subject matter to qualify for exemption, or for which prior training has been accomplished.

6) How is a degree earned through online different from a degree earned through classroom attendance?

There is no difference. The Columbus International University contends that how a student studies and earns his/her degree or diploma is irrelevant.

7) Does the degree indicate that it was earned through Online Higher Education?

No, it does not. The Columbus International University issues a standard degree or diploma, irrelevant whether you complete your degree in a classroom setting or online.

8) How long will I take to complete my degree?

This depends on your motivation and discipline since you study at your own pace. The average student takes approximately twelve months to complete his/her degree (extension of time to complete your degree is given with regards to the level stated in the Duration of Study Programs).

9) Can I transfer my credit from the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus to another University?

Transferring credit from online higher education providers to traditional campus-based universities is sometimes difficult. Please check with the institutions you are interested in for their acceptance requirements.

10) Do corporations accept the Columbus International University Online Higher Education Campus degrees?

Almost 20% of our students have their tuition fees paid by their corporations, including Fortune 500 corporations, governments, small business and more. Check with your human resource department prior to enrolling, as any tuition reimbursement depends upon the individual corporation.

11) What is the next step?

Please complete the online registration form on this website and attach your transcripts, certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc. We will evaluate your application and get back to you as soon as possible (normally within a week). There is no need to submit any payment at this juncture, all payments are to be made after you have been successfully admitted.

Degree Granting Authority

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Degree Granting Authority

The Columbus International University was founded for the purpose of providing higher education and granting of degrees to working professionals, executives and mature students who meet its graduation requirements.

The Columbus International University is a private, independent "international" university. CIU degree programs are designed for recognition of the value of adult work experience. CIU prefers to be independent and free to choose what is appropriate to teach the adults worldwide. For this reason, CIU has never applied for, nor ever used any government funds, nor does it seek for accreditation. CIU graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in business, industry, international organizations, United Nations and governments around the world.

All of the Columbus International University faculties have degrees from fine American Universities.

The Columbus International University's degree programs are non-traditional. Just as we have requirements for acceptance of credits earned elsewhere, other universities, licensing boards and associations have their own policies concerning acceptance of college credits. These policies may differ from ours.

How The Online Higher Education Campus Works

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How The Online Higher Education Campus Works

  1. After registration you will be assisted by our staff and faculty who will be your primary contact throughout the program.
  2. As a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD (Doctoral) degree student you receive specific guidelines relating to writing a report, thesis or dissertation from our staff and faculty.
  3. Our staff and faculty will guide you every step of the way.
  4. You submit your finished reports, research projects, thesis or dissertation to us by email.
  5. Our faculty members will evaluate your assignments to determine the grades.